Super Abstraction [Abstract]

The Return [from the Autoreferential Works] 1BIT© 2019

The room is filled with paintings. {an enclosed space, with a lock on it}. Even Claire [Clear] couldn’t ‘see’ the code.

[Picture postcards] = [Representation of mind]

Abstract : Reality [Language] excerpt {Picture Postcard}, M.© 2018

In time these images fade away, only stains are left in blank space. Are these pictures of people or pictures of art? A type of non-dual-play.


In the corner on one side the Robot:
{masks/clowns are reoccurring themes in art, role-playing}, positioned on a dice {chance, uncertainty principle}.

On the other side 1 painting, which is mere surface {picture-memory}, with a message on the back from Billy {children’s name for 1BIT}.


A village, a workshop, a marketplace. They are all fragments {Props}.

Phase 1

Lost in the park searching {Memories}.

Time~Memory (Parent & Child) [from the Autoreferential Works], 1BIT© 2019

Phase 2

The gyroscopic machine in which he is spinning {Mind}.

Zero II [from Hypermodernism] 1BIT© 2019

Phase 3|Final stage

Inside the dice is just a loop of the same message,
it doesn’t matter what number you throw, all the same.

Dice {{Picasso : Bird}{Braque : Bird}{Cézanne : Oranges}{Malevich : Cross}{Piet : Dance}} = {1BIT : 1} © 2019 [from the Autoreferential Works]

{Imagination} : {Time}{Machine} disguised as a bar called ‘day and night’
in a place of happy memory, a sunny day.

{Reality} : {Time}{Machine} is decoration for a place in which you can eat and drink and by chance meet someone.

Little Claire, behind a system-of-memory-emotion sincerely smiles.


This is about how it was shot, empty streets, gloomy atmosphere.
Not like something taking place in real time. The house was a representation of his own home, figurative. Reducing space, eventually talking to walls, to his imagination.


There are some beautiful symbolic scenes. The shot running through the empty chapel inside the house, birds flying.

Woman, Flower {& Water} [from the Autoreferential Works], 1BIT© 2019


Somebody coming over to ask Claire questions,
which are answered with mathematical facts.

Super Abstraction [Abstract] Triple-A Society, M. Production©, 3.2019

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