We use the word reproduction in two principal ways. We talk about the biological reproduction of a species and we talk about making a good reproduction of something in terms of a painting, a photograph, a recording or a video.

Who decides, 140x100cm, 2021, Marcel Moonen©

Hundreds of years ago, kings of Europe who wanted to marry a princess in a far-off state, had their painters make portraits of the lady in question. To see if his majesty approved her appearance before meeting her. …

A land reclaimed from the sea, an unstable playground of mud, clay and low-cost experimental housing. I grew up in Lelystad, a 70s polder town, which was intended to be the promising capital of a new province. A place without monuments, without a past, without a centre. It is an unstable ever-changing landscape of tree grids and housing rows, in an un-endless open space. Here my personal journey to appreciate the language of simple everyday architecture started.

Socio-economical conditions of Europe of the last decade has fostered and increased the possibility to travel and work abroad. In the last 8…

We don’t notice it very much, if we live in towns and if we live in ordinary houses, because we build our streets and our homes to seem to be non wiggly. We’re confronted with tables, chairs, walls, window frames, and we get a sense of non wiggly reality.

Then we are also always in conflict with wiggliness. We try for example not to let the stars seem to be disordered, but to organize them into constellations. The constellations aren’t there, there are no strings joining those stars. …

“All things which are similar and therefore connected, are drawn to each other’s power.” — Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

The German artist Albrecht Dürer, son of a Hungarian Goldsmith named Türer (Ajtó, Gates), is the creator of a heavily discussed copperplate engraving M1; Melencolia I.

Dürer (1471–1528) is a prime example of the renaissance polymath. A painter, printmaker, theorist, and besides that Dürer endeavoured in the fields of geometry (mathematics) and had a keen interest in astrology and alchemy. He was both a student and a teacher.

During his trips to Italy, Dürer got influenced by the work of Mantegna, Leonardo…

M. ©

Disclaimer: This paper is written for educational purposes and means to serve a scientific orientated audience. It describes purely abstract thinking processes at the verge of human knowledge and is set-up as a thought-experiment.

Names are fingered for privacy reason, freedom of speech and thought. Occurrences are imagined, but true and partly generated out of the deep blue.

Level: Ultra

Difficulty: Ultra+

About previous researchers

The ideas presented in this text came forth out of a distillation of the work of Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe 2nd part of book), David Bohm (Science, Order & Creativity ~ Wholeness and the Implicate Order), David…

Imaginational Theory; this transcripts on the leading edge of knowledge, art and discovery with the journalist ~ psychologist M >3> and the fiction ~ science-fiction writer M 3> [T]. This III-fold page is inserted before we can start with the upcoming chapter IT 03: Systems of Dimensional Hierarchy.

Disclaimer by T.-Monk: This essay is non-linear structured to incorporate multiple perspectives. Through the use of an ancient Tibetan practise we will find the many thought-entanglements found in modern-highly-scientifically-orientated society.

It’s only when we get aware of these existing thought patterns we can start to formulate and eventually solve these dilemma’s; a…

This transcript is based on my encounters with Polish Agent M.; one lengthy night in a Warsaw bar, talking about the importance of Procedure-Perfection in operating fighter-jets [F-16]. He told me how a replacement-particle, a self-made bolt for the ejection seat, would cause the death of a pilot.

*This is a Sub-Essay of Abstract : Reality [A. Hitler]

Make use of the integrated links to fully follow this Essay, but to fully understand it, is up to you.

Sub# [Criminal Code]

The term, Sub# [criminal code], is explained as a part of activity to destroy things like religion, culture, government systems and political-economical-systems.

This letter describes very well The State we are in now. It is quite long, but I am going to write it down anyways.

The letter arrived from Group 7.

Here it comes.

Sub-7, 2020 © M.

Sunday, X.X.XXXX, I walked into a restaurant presumably not @ 07:06 AM. We were, — as always — , warmly received, but I also heard that we would be the last guests that morning.

The door closed.

Half an hour earlier, Prime Minister M. had ordered the Restaurant to close its doors upon immediate effect. …

Have you ever wondered, — while flipping through the channels or scrolling through the pages — , which are mentioning only one-and-the-same-thing;

How is it possible to shape the collective behavior of a complete society?

I guess I’m one of those few silly people asking this question, especially in these important times of world crisis.

Well, I think it turned out to be the right time to answer this question.


To answer this question correctly; to get at the core of it all, we have to put on our yellow-alchemical-vest {Gilets jaunes in French} and dissect the domain of conceptual art with politics.

Excerpt Slide 170/325 Abstract : Reality [Language], J.P. about Constructivism, understood and explained by J.P., [Overruled in yellow, by M.], M.© 2018

In one of my previous essays about Abstract …

Today I’m going to discuss the propagation {way-curve} of a virus, like C. I will use a technique, which I coined: [IT] Imaginational Theory. By doing something quite bizarre; Superposing the double slit experiment onto the question of virus propagation. I will show that the observation of these two phenomena have more in common than you might think.

D: If you try to solve a problem with the same mindset you created it, you will end up with more problems, and no solution. Through this study on the propagation of a virus, like C., I will unravel false paradigms about…

Marcel Moonen

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